4 Reasons Your BMW Car May Vibrate During a Drive

Driving a car with multiple operational issues may not be a pleasant experience. This feels worse when we are talking about a luxury model like BMW. However, the good news is you can avoid these problems by maintaining a regular vehicle maintenance routine.

Problems that BMW Drivers Face

One of the most common issues that BMW drivers face is vibration. It is a clear sign that your vehicle needs a prompt check-up from an expert for BMW servicing. You might be able to feel the impact of vibration during acceleration or brake application.

Common Issues for Car Vibration During Drive

Car vibration can happen due to multiple reasons. We discuss the most common issues behind this problem in the following section of this blog.

  • Brake Problems:

    If you feel vibration during brake application, there are certainly some issues with your brakes. The front brakes take the most stress when the car is stopped abruptly. It wears down the vital parts of the front disc brake, like the pads and the rotors. To maintain healthy front brakes, it is vital to undertake proper maintenance of your vehicle.

  • Axle Problems:

    No matter which car you buy, they all come with two major axles. One connects the front wheel, while the other connects the rear wheel. If either axle is dented or bent, it can take a toll on your BMW’s wheels. It can lead to a deadly accident or road mishap, which you must avoid at all costs. Inspecting the CV and the driveshaft to look for potential problems is advisable.

  • Engine Problems:

    The engine of a BMW car is finely designed. That is why you should handle the car properly and smoothly to avoid vibration issues. The spark plugs and the air filters are two important elements that should be considered. They may cause potential problems and cause the car to vibrate during drive due to malfunction.

  • Wheel Problems:

    If you feel the vibration while steering your car in another direction, it could translate to the potential cause of damage. You may remain assured that one of the wheels is not spinning properly. This could also mean problems with wheel bearings or rod joint ends.


These are a few issues that may cause your vehicle to vibrate during drive. If you want a solution from a trustworthy source, get in touch with a professional like Power Evolution Performance. We are one of the most well-known sources for BMW servicing, based in Surrey. For any queries, you can always contact us without hesitation.