To make your BMW run smoothly, it is important to check its engine oil occasionally. The oil is an important agent in ensuring proper lubrication of the car components. This reduces engine friction and offers smooth acceleration to the car.

Go to a Professional BMW Servicing Centre

While most BMW owners use traditional engine oil, it is better to put modern synthetic engine oil in such a specially designed vehicle. It does much more than provide optimum lubrication. Synthetic oil can act as a shield to avoid premature wear to the BMW engine.

Signs of Changing Your BMW Engine Oil

When it’s time to change the engine oil, your BMW may show different signs. As a car owner, you should be aware of these signs and take your ride to a reliable BMW servicing near you. We discuss the signs of changing the engine oil in your BMW car in the following section.

Loud Noises

If there is a problem with your BMW engine, you will hear some loud, abnormal noises from it. It may produce a rumbling knocking sound, indicating a lack of lubrication. In such a situation, your BMW’s oil reserve may have an insufficient amount of oil. To prevent the issue from getting complicated, you must visit your servicing centre.

Inefficient Fuel Economy

When you do not change your engine oil frequently, it becomes thick, old and dirty. The car may cease operating properly, thereby increasing fuel consumption. So, if you notice that your BMW is guzzling down more
fuel than normal, you can be assured about some issues.

● Illuminated Dashboard Warning

Most BMWs are equipped with an electronic computer module. It can signal you about any issues happening with your car. It is natural that it will show the need to change the engine oil in the form of an illuminated lamp on the dashboard. You need not worry about the emergency; the dashboard will also show the distance until the oil change is required.

These are some important signs you should follow for changing the oil in your BMW car. If you are looking for a professional servicing centre near you, get in touch with Power Evolution Performance. We are a reliable BMW servicing centre in Surrey. You can get all types of assistance regarding engine oil changes and maintaining engine health. To learn more about our business, you can visit our website today.