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Suspension Upgrades/Airlift

Upgrading the suspension is a must for every car fanatic. Whether you’re lowering, raising or simply improving yours, our professional team can help. We offer a wide range of suspension services to customise your suspension, creating a vehicle that’s built just the way you want. We offer all types of suspension kits, from spring and shock coilover kits to air suspension kits. Full race set-up facilities are available.

If you’re looking for a smoother, more comfortable drive, we recommend Air Lift Suspension kits, designed to increase your control and improve handling no matter where you’re driving. For lowered cars, this is a brilliant way to maintain your vehicles look without compromising its feel on the road. 

Air Lift Performance was invented by Claude Pemberton and Don Perkins in 1949. The idea began due to problems with post-war vehicles, which couldn’t bear much weight before the suspension springs began to sag. Air Lift set out to change this, adding a supportive system for overloaded cars to improve safety and give a smoother drive. As the idea caught on, cars were transformed into versatile vehicles with far better traction and handling, creating a new level of driving and racing across the USA.

Over the next few decades, Air Lift developed systems for mainstream vehicles, from SUVs to pickup trucks, and eventually moved on to lowered cars in the 90s. For stance drivers, lowered custom cars, track cars, and any load-bearing vehicles, Air Lift Performance will always be our top recommendation.

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