Specialist in German<br />
vehicle maintenance repairs<br />
and performance tuning

Engine Upgrades

With over twenty years of experience working with German vehicles, we
know car engines inside and out. If you’re looking to improve your engine
performance, we’re the team you need.

We’ll start by conducting a thorough health check and diagnostics, identifying any existing problems and fixing them before they become larger issues. We can then carry out Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 upgrade work. With our mechanics on your side, you’ll always have an engine that’s ready for smooth, powerful driving.

Engine Rebuilds

We’re experts at rebuilding M Power BMW engines to your requirements. We can rework any age and model of engine, matching the standards that BMW set when your vehicle was first built. Unbeatable quality and an eye for detail set our BMW engine rebuilds apart.

We also work with diesel and non-M engines, rebuilding your systems to drastically improve performance. We can also upgrade your BMW with a race engine, incorporating high-quality components from Arrow Precision, Carrillo, ARP and more to create a vehicle ready to fly.

No matter what your engine needs, we’re the team to take it on.

Service & Repairs

Performance Upgrades