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Engine Remapping
& Gearboxes

Revamp your engine and drastically improve performance with a full engine and gearbox remap, unleashing the true potential of your vehicle. Currently, your car will use a standard map set to tolerances that the manufacturer has set for generic driving usage for your vehicle model. We’ll carry out a custom remapping of the engine and gearbox, creating personalised parameters to improve your fuel efficiency, turbo boost (if applicable), ignition timing and more.

Remapping involves a software adjustment to your car’s electronic control unit (ECU). Usually, we can access the ECU’s map through the onboard diagnostics port (OBD), though in some cases, we’ll remove the ECU completely to carry out the upgrades.

Once we’ve accessed the map, a qualified member of our team will take a read of the ECU before adjusting the original settings to improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. Through the OBD, this process can take less than an hour, though it can be a little longer if we have to remove the ECU and work at the bench.

When you work with us to upgrade your engine, you can expect friendly service, a diligent team, and honesty about whether remapping is worth it for your vehicle. If the performance enhancements will be minimal, we’ll let you know.erit.

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