Regular maintenance is the most straightforward way to keep your vehicle performing at its best. Routine Audi servicing is also very important for Audi vehicles. There is a maintenance schedule in your driver’s manual. If you adhere to the schedule, your vehicle will continue to perform at its best. Here, we have highlighted the perfect maintenance regime for your Audi automobile. Know all the necessary services that can help your car perform at its best. 

The regular maintenance your Audi car needs

Let’s look at all the services your Audi car needs as part of its maintenance. 

Oil changing 
The first important service is of course the oil change. It is needed for several reasons since the oil ensures lubrication. It also ensures the cooling and improves the performance of your engine. Oil also helps your engine clean by processing the dirt and other contaminants through the oil filter.

 Brake pads
The second important aspect is the brake pads. Brake pads need your regular attention. It is advisable to change them every 50,000 miles to ensure maximum performance. 

Tyre pressure
Another factor that is too often neglected is the tyre pressure. You need to check and supervise it monthly. 

Yet another crucial aspect is your car’s battery. You should take extra care and caution to replace it every 4-5 years.

Belts and hoses
Then you should move on to inspect all the belts and hoses of the car. With prolonged use, they can wear out significantly. Hence, you need to regularly keep an eye on them and check them from time to time. 

Air filters
Air filters are an important part of improving your fuel efficiency. So you need to keep a close eye on the air filters.

You or a maintenance company should check all these aspects on your behalf. Audi vehicles are usually built to last. And this is an extremely hopeful reason. If you adhere to the maintenance schedule originally given in your original driver’s manual, your Audi vehicle will continue to perform well. However, you need to ensure that you are using only the authentic Audi components. As a leading Audi servicing, Power Evolution Performance only uses authentic Audi parts. We will ensure that your car operates as well as the new one. Contact us today.